[ID3 Dev] 'Extending' ID3 V2.4

Michal Vician id3v2 at audiott.com
Sun Feb 12 09:50:12 PST 2006

> The specification could dictate that the tag has to use UTF-8.  Or, it
> would be just as easy to not dictate that and let anyone use their
> preference. As it stands, ID3v2 supports Unicode, but I doubt there are
> very many embedded devices that will correctly display anything outside
> the standard ASCII character set.  There are probably enough desktop
> applications that support ID3v2 that won't do the right thing with
> Unicode, as it is.

I would rather if spec "dictates" that tag has to use UNICODE and UTF-8 only.
Yes, you are right saying that there are many devices that won't correctly
display it, but as you can see these devices and also many applications
break more things in standard - they even corrupt frames,...  - see
http://home.fuse.net/honnert/hundred/?UltraID3Lib. In my opinion if an
application can't parse UNICODE text, it's only the problem of it's author
and should solve it as soon as possible.


Michal Vician
id3v2 at audiott.com

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