[ID3 Dev] 'Extending' ID3 V2.4

Paul Grebenc jid3 at blinkenlights.org
Fri Feb 10 11:26:49 PST 2006

>the ID3v2.4 spec is 5 1/2 years old and most commercial media players 
>still don't support it. Any talk of creating a new ID3 standard (even 
>though it would be nice) is fruitless.

I do agree that attempting to popularize v2.4.0 is a fruitless task. 
Practically the only reason anyone switches to v2.3.0 is to get strings 
longer than 30 characters.  The esoteric frames are virtually unknown to 
anyone who hasn't implemented a library.

However, ID3 is a recognizable brand, so if a new version based on XML 
were released, it might be seen as worth implementing by some of the major 
players.  No guarantee of that, of course.


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