[ID3 Dev] RE: Syncsafe words

Ondrej TRUBAC ondrej.trubac at st.com
Wed Jul 19 01:26:22 PDT 2006

I have looked into previous discussions and finally I am close to opinion that :

"Prior to 2.4 the frame size was a 32 bit integer.  In 2.4 it is a 28 bit
syncsafe integer.  However, if you generate a large frame in iTunes
and save the tag as 2.4 you will see that the frame size is not syncsafe."

Even because definition of frame size in 2.3 may seem vague little bit, I will take it as it is, thus no synchsafe size. Implementation could become more complicated in the case that whole tag in unsynchronised, e.g when frame size is 255 and flags are %11100000 xxx00000. But this situation can can occur rarely so I will ignore it and unsynchronisation will be not applied on frame headers as this is not critical issue in my application.     

Ondrej Trubac

> Hello,
> can somebody tell me if frame size for version 2.2 and 2.3 is 
> syncsafe word or not ? It seems that definition is not 
> complete here. Only in 2.4 documently it is stated clearly.
> Thank you for help.
> Ondrej Trubac

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