[ID3 Dev] information about Frame decoding

Torsten Mohr tmohr at s.netic.de
Sun Jul 23 07:11:27 PDT 2006


i'm sorry if this is off-topic here, but maybe questions like mine
are also handled here or somebody can give me help where to search
for this.

I'd like to decode an MP3 file.  I can browse the file for the
synch fields and the data related to it.

I'd like to decode the frames i've found now to reconstruct the
raw PCM data.

There's quite some information about the structure of MP3 files
available, but not that much about the audio data in the frames.

What i've understood so far is:
- the data in the frame may be CRC protected or not
- i need to Huffman-Decode the frames data
- what i get then depends on the type of frame, if it is
  mono, joint-stereo or stereo.
- the decoded frames represent frequencies and their intensity.

I now have some questions and it would be great if somebody could
give me a hints here:

- Is my understanding described above correct?

- What ID3 tags do i need to decode the MP3 file?

- Where can i get more information in detail about the next steps
  to do (Huffman-decoding and interpretation of the found data)?

It would be great if anybody could give me a hint here.


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