[ID3 Dev] Using ID3 Lyrics tags to learn a foreign language

John Schnittker john_schnittker at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 25 21:23:19 PST 2006


The objective is to use audiofiles as tools to learn a
foreign language. 

A typical usecase would be: The learner views the
synchronized lyrics, in both foreign and native
languages, as the spoken dialogue plays. 

It would be an irresistable feature for any of the
"language-learning" podcasts now proliferating across
the web. 

I wonder if anyone can point me to a guide for tagging
song lyrics in multiple languages (ie., inserting
SYLT/USLT tags in multiple languages,) preferably on
the linux platform, if possible?

Visiting the KDE bug reporting site, it appears that
developers are considering SYLT and USLT support in
Linux taglib:


And eventually, the popular KDE audio player, Amarok,
would support SYLT/USLT:



John Schnittker

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