[ID3 Dev] Re:Kipp Gremillion

夜弓 yegong1985 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 08:57:38 PST 2006

Thanks for explain, but the "http://www.id3.org/faq.html" said :
Q: Where is an ID3v2 tag located in an MP3 file?
It is most likely located at the beginning of the file. Look for the
marker "ID3" in the first 3 bytes of the file.

If it's not there, it could be at the end of the file (if the tag is
ID3v2.4). Look for the marker "3DI" 10 bytes from the end of the file,
or 10 bytes before the beginning of an ID3v1 tag.

--- By 夜弓(Yegong)

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