[ID3 Dev] Confusing problem about ID3v2.Could it located at the end of file?

Jose Arturo Castillo josearturo.castillo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 07:56:31 PST 2006

ID3v2 should be at the beginning of the file. The specification says that it
COULD be at the end, but must players will look just at the beginning. You
should look for the "ID3" tag at the begining.

ID3v1 is at the very end of the file [128 bytes before the end], and there
is where all players look for. You should look for the "TAG" tag at the
beginning of the 128 bytes.

You are by sure messing up everything, if you are writing the ID3v2 info at
the very end the players would not be able to find ID3v1 neither ID3v2.

Hope this helps.
José Arturo
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