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Tony tony at avic-tech.com
Fri Nov 17 00:09:34 PST 2006

Hi all,

Hello all of you. My name is Tony. I am coming from Malaysia. Nice to meet all of you.

Recently, I study about ID3 format information. I've read over the id3v2.4.0-structure.txt and I am not so sure about the usage of the text string as I read the Chapter 4. ID3v2 frames overview. In fact, I don't quite understand the following paragraph:
If nothing else is said, strings, including numeric strings and URLs
   [URL], are represented as ISO-8859-1 [ISO-8859-1] characters in the
   range $20 - $FF. Such strings are represented in frame descriptions
   as <text string>, or <full text string> if newlines are allowed. If
   nothing else is said newline character is forbidden. In ISO-8859-1 a
   newline is represented, when allowed, with $0A only.

   Frames that allow different types of text encoding contains a text
   encoding description byte. Possible encodings:

     $00   ISO-8859-1 [ISO-8859-1]. Terminated with $00.
     $01   UTF-16 [UTF-16] encoded Unicode [UNICODE] with BOM. All
           strings in the same frame SHALL have the same byteorder.
           Terminated with $00 00.
     $02   UTF-16BE [UTF-16] encoded Unicode [UNICODE] without BOM.
           Terminated with $00 00.
     $03   UTF-8 [UTF-8] encoded Unicode [UNICODE]. Terminated with $00.

   Strings dependent on encoding are represented in frame descriptions
   as <text string according to encoding>, or <full text string
   according to encoding> if newlines are allowed. Any empty strings of
   type $01 which are NULL-terminated may have the Unicode BOM followed
   by a Unicode NULL ($FF FE 00 00 or $FE FF 00 00).My question is : 1. What is the format of <text string>, or <full text string> ? 
                           2. How is the four types of text will be written in the mp3 files? What is the starting byte(s) and end byte(s)?
                           3. Do you have any example about this kind of mp3? I've some mp3 file but the text string format is always starting with a zero and the following bytes are always the DBCS(Double Byte Character Set) code, like big5, jis or others. 

Anyway, I hope someone can help me to crack my troubles. Thank you very much.

Tony Teo
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