[ID3 Dev] Tag for MP3 Video Clips

Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Mon Feb 5 03:52:43 PST 2007

Others here may well know a lot more than I do, but isn't this the  
kind of thing the GEOB (general encapsulated object) frame is for?

It's described in section 4.1.6 of the 2.3 spec.



On 5 Feb 2007, at 10:48, Nick.Rogers at NorthDown.gov.uk wrote:

> Good Morning from Open Communities in Ireland.. also at  
> www.audiotours.net where our 101 guide is freely available for  
> download
> We are developing an open source approach to building Audio Tours  
> for free use by local communities wishing to build tours of their  
> local community and publish them on the web to encourage people to  
> understand them and visit their area...
> We  have suggested using the ID3 picture tagging with great effect  
> for recognition pictures  - 'where am I .. Oh I recognise that  
> building ... etc.. etc'.. or overlaid with an arrow to say 'turn  
> right at the market square'
> The success of the project is the ability to distribute the tours  
> and guides without resort to proprietary software.. iPod can play  
> video clips but you are locked into an iPod to play them..
> Can anyone in the ID3 community suggest a way or extending the MP3  
> picture tag to play a short open source standard video clip.. we  
> really want to promote open access to people and places around the  
> world - not add to the revenue line for an already successful  
> company..
> www.opencommunities.eu
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