[ID3 Dev] Tag for MP3 Video Clips

Nick.Rogers at NorthDown.gov.uk Nick.Rogers at NorthDown.gov.uk
Mon Feb 5 02:48:28 PST 2007

Good Morning from Open Communities in Ireland.. also at www.audiotours.net 
where our 101 guide is freely available for download

We are developing an open source approach to building Audio Tours for free 
use by local communities wishing to build tours of their local community 
and publish them on the web to encourage people to understand them and 
visit their area... 

We  have suggested using the ID3 picture tagging with great effect for 
recognition pictures  - 'where am I .. Oh I recognise that building ... 
etc.. etc'.. or overlaid with an arrow to say 'turn right at the market 

The success of the project is the ability to distribute the tours and 
guides without resort to proprietary software.. iPod can play video clips 
but you are locked into an iPod to play them.. 

Can anyone in the ID3 community suggest a way or extending the MP3 picture 
tag to play a short open source standard video clip.. we really want to 
promote open access to people and places around the world - not add to the 
revenue line for an already successful company..

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