[ID3 Dev] MusicMatch Tags

Daniel Eliades daniel_eliades at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 16 19:59:33 PDT 2007

Hello All,


I am writing a utility in C# to read the artist, album and song from ID3v1
and ID3v2 tags.  I am pretty new with ID3, so this may be a stupid question.
Reading an ID3v1 tag is pretty straight forward, although I am having some
difficulties when it comes to the way Music Match tags songs.  Basically
what I did in my program to read the artist,album and song from the tag was
to read in the first 256 bytes of the file and search for the frame id then
went from there.  This seemed to always work until I came across a file that
seems to be tagged from Music Match.  This is what the string says from
reading in the first 256 bytes: 








Does Music Match use a different format of ID3 or am I totally going about
this wrong?


Thanks for your input and any suggestions/advice you may have.



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