[ID3 Dev] Contextual Granularity in id3 Tags

Pyt py.thoulon at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 02:47:45 PDT 2007

There are also the TIPL (Involved people list) and TMCL (Musicians credit
list) frames who might be of help ?


On 7/8/07, Jim <jmartin92 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> I think I understand what you are going for here.  However, I think you
> might have two separate issues:  (1) the actual content of the tag and
> (2) the way that information is handled by different software/hardware
> players or other tag handling & playlist apps
> For issue 1, I think the current frame structure of 2.3 or 2.4 tags can
> already handle all the information you have.  If you look at the
> definition of the TPE frames, you could use TPE1 for the main artist,
> TPE2 for the "featured" artist and TPE4 (and/or TPE3) for even more
> artist information.
> For the first example you used I would envision something like:
>        TPE1: Deepsky
>        TPE2: feat. Jes Brieden
>        TPE4: vs. Yilmaz Altanhan
>        TIT2: Ghost vs. Eighties
>        TIT3: AvB Mashup
> Or something like that for the frames in the tag.  (Personally, I really
> don't think the what you call the "glue" needs to be a separate piece of
> information as removing the "feat." or "vs." could be handled on the
> software side of the search.)
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