[ID3 Dev] Suggestion for 2.4.1 Update

Dennis W. Mattison dwmattisoncv at cox.net
Wed Mar 28 07:20:34 PDT 2007

Jud White wrote:

> I think TPE1 is appropriate for track artist.  It would be 
> non-intuitive from my POV to search for an artist and have to consider 
> two fields because one track happens to reside on a VA album.
> TXXX/Album Artist is used by foobar and other players/taggers to 
> denote the album artist in a VA album.  I think a formal field for 
> Album Artist would make a great addendum.  As shown with CHAP, CTOC 
> and ATXT a revision number isn't needed (many reasons for that as well).
I am a collector (of CDs, not a sharer of mp3s) and not a developer of 
mp3 software, and my collection has a number of Various Artists albums 
(which allows me to collect a bunch of good music instead of one good 
song out of a bad album.)  I will try TXXX/Album Artist, but what I am 
looking for is a standard way of doing this across all players and not 
just a kludge. 

Obviously, as mentioned by others, the spec would probably take forever 
to implement across all of the players, but it would be nice, whether we 
standardize TXXX/Album Artist or standardize a new Track Artist field, 
to have something in addition to TPE1 (which works fine for track 
artist) to specify that the album is a Various Artist album (for 
grouping the album together in a collection.)

Obviously TPE1/TPE2 or TMCL/TIPL could be used for feature artist.  But 
TPE1/TPE2 appears to have alternate uses which might conflict with the 
VA Album use and TMCL/TIPL is not well supported by the players I've used. 

Still, it was just a suggestion, and I would not in any way be put off 
if it was decided that a TRAR field was unnecessary.

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