[ID3 Dev] Suggestion for 2.4.1 Update

Dennis W. Mattison dwmattisoncv at cox.net
Tue Mar 27 21:26:36 PDT 2007

I suggest another field be added to the ID3V2 spec specifically for 
Track Artists (for use as a holder for "featured artist" or for the 
artist responsible for a track in a "Various Artists" compilation CD.)  
I propose a field similar to the TPE1 field.  Attached is the verbage 
for a new TRAR field (if accepted) to be included in the 4.2.2 section 
of the spec:

    The 'Featured Artist/Track Artist' frame is intended for a featured 
artist of a song, or in the case of a "Various Artists" compilation, is 
intended for the Lead Artist/Lead Performer/Soloist of the track.

There have been several implementations of a "Track Artist" field in MP3 
ID3 tags, such as MusicMatch's COMM engMusicMatch_TrackArtist field, and 
nobody seems to want to standardize on one particular field name which 
everyone can commonly use.  I have a lot of Various Artist compilations, 
which I'd love to keep the Artist as "Various Artist" in order to group 
them together, but also indicate the artist of the particular track I am 
listening to.  Adding a TRAR field to the spec would allow everyone to 
standardize their players to allow for this level of capability.

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