[ID3 Dev] Using multiple tags to specify genre and other traits.

Mathias Kunter mathiaskunter at yahoo.de
Fri Mar 16 11:05:14 PDT 2007

For all of the things you mentioned already exist defined ID3 frames.

The TMOO frame is for the mood of an audio file (since ID3 version 2.4):
"slow" and "sad", for example.

"70ies" would be coded as year in the TYER frame (ID3 version 2.3), or in the
TDRC frame in ID3 version 2.4.

The TLAN frame holds information about the language(s) of the file.

And as Tom already said, the TCON frame stores one or more associated genres.

I agree that it would be cool to define custom "flags" which
can be used to define if a particular MP3 file is something or is something
not (for example, can you hear a piano playing in it, or whatever).
Such information is not well placed within the TMOO frame, and this
frame also only exists in the less popular ID3 version 2.4. But since
such information is completely subjective (because everybody can
define his/her own "flags") it makes no sense to include something
like that in the specification.

There is the TXXX frame for storing any user-defined information within
the ID3 tag which you could think of. But as long as nobody else than you
uses them to store "if the piano is playing in this song" it doesn't make
much sense except for your own use. If you tag all your music
files with such user-defined information, it might be helpful for you, of
course, but not for other people because they wouldn't know how to
interpret this subjective information you entered (generally seen).

As I said before, some standardized frames exist for the most relevant
metadata. However, even these frames are actually not really important.
Most people simply don't care to enter which mood a song is or if a
piano is playing in this track. Genre information is usually there, but
the info within this field is often incorrect.

To summarize, these metadata fields you suggested to include within the
standard are too subjective and irrelevant as they would ever be of any
benefit. There even exist many files which have entered "Track07" as track
name. Just think of how much people would care entering your
subjective data if they don't even enter correct artist and track names.


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Betreff: [ID3 Dev] Using multiple tags to specify genre and other traits.

Hi. I'm new.

This may be an old discussion, but important nonetheless.

Historically, the "genre" has been the standard for specifying
the "type" of music in an mp3-file. However, a piece of music will often 
belong to more than one genre. Moreover, people have not always agreed
on which genres are needed to describe their music, so this has led
to a plethora of more or less strange genres in use.

It is time to move on.

Structuring information is difficult. As a sysadmin trying to manage
lots of different hosts with different roles, I meet this problem on a
near daily basis. The solution is using multiple "roles", or "tags" to
describe various "abilities" of something, whether it is webpages,
music or servers.

Over the last couple of years, using multiple "tags" has become a de
facto standard in some internet communitites for structuring and
categorizing webpages. A look at del.icio.us is a good example. This
allows for much more fine-tuned selection criteria than just using a
single variable.

Let me give you an example.

It's friday. I'm tired from a long week. I want to play some suitable
music. Instead of choosing the genre "slow jazz", I want to choose

jazz AND slow AND 70s AND instrumental AND NOT french AND NOT sad

Tomorrow I'm having some guests over. For dinner we'd like some
music. In want to choose

(jazz OR classical) AND piano AND (norwegian OR swedish) AND NOT modern

So. What do you think? My guess is that this won't be very difficult to
code, the problem is to agree on a standard for this. Or is it a stupid,
childish idea?

Ståle Johansen, Norway.

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