[ID3 Dev] Command-Line Batch Tagger

Michael Makuch mkm6 at makuch.org
Mon May 21 15:18:59 PDT 2007

id3.exe, that appears to be my old command line id3 tagger utility. I put
that together several years ago from the id3lib examples.  See usage

This zip http://www.muzikbrowzer.com/dl/id3.zip contains 

id3.cpp - source for id3 command line util (builds against id3lib
id3 - linux binary
id3.exe - win32 binary
mbtag.exe - adds wma, ogg and flac support



$ id3
id3 [options] <file> # w/out options display tag info.  options:
     -v      <value> # id3 version (1 or 2)
     -dt             # delete tag (version 1 or 2 if specified else both
     -df     <value> # delete tag field
     -getart <value> # getart, writes to <file>
     -TCON   <value> # genre
     -TPE1   <value> # artist
     -TALB   <value> # album
     -TIT2   <value> # title
     -TRCK   <value> # track
     -TLEN   <value> # length
     -TYER   <value> # year
     -TPOS   <value> # part in set
     -TPUB   <value> # publisher
     -UFID   <value> # ufid
     -TMED   <value> # dig...
     -COMM   <value> # comment
     -APIC   <value> # art file, reads from <file>

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> On 5/21/07, Chris Morton <chris at ca-dreaming.com> wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend a *free* command-line driven MP3 tagger for batch
> > processing? As a requisite, the tagger should accept parameters.
> If you are looking tools to do old skool batch files, with conditional
> logic based on what is/isn't in the tags already...
> There really isn't much available for Win32, but metamp3 *might* be
> helpful.
> http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=49751
> Before I found this, I was using id3.exe (attached as a renamed zip
> file).  I don't know what the origin of this program is.
> HTH,
> LCubed

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