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Daniel Önnerby doep at onnerby.se
Wed Apr 9 01:52:18 PDT 2008

Our goal with musikCube 2 is to follow the standard as much as possible 
and we already support multiple artists and genre in our trunk. If 
iTunes does this differently, I could not care less since it's one of 
the most resource expensive and bloated apps there is (I guess I just 
explained to you why we are doing mC2 :) ).

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!
Best regards

PS. iTunes isn't all bad, they have alot of nice features in there.

Ben Bennett wrote:
> Well, for this case, I don't think so.
> Here the lead artist is Eric B. & Rakim (that's the band name) and
> Tricky put the mix together.
> You are correct that it should be NUL separated if Eric B. and Rakim
> were considered two separate artists.  But since I haven't seen
> anything correctly handle that I intend to pick one artist to list
> them under and then put the rest into a custom comment that can be
> searched by iTunes smart playlists.
> My focus is on writing something iTunes will parse reasonably well
> since that is so widely used it has become a de facto standard.
> The MOST frustrating thing about it is the sync-safe frame length bug
> that iTunes has.  If someone from Apple or with any influence at Apple
> is listening... PLEASE fix it!
>       	       	     -ben
> On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 12:31:26AM +0200, Daniel Önnerby wrote:
>> But following the 2.4 standard, you should NULL separate them to be able to 
>> have multiple artists/genres.. right?
>> Ben Bennett wrote:
>>> So... for guest artists I think you want to look at the TPE1 and TPE2
>>> performer flags.  Granted, that doesn't help with multiple guests.
>>> For instance, I'm intending to write a 2.4 tag like this:
>>>                         TALB Album: Back to Mine
>>>              TSOA Album sort order: back to mine
>>>                  TCON Content Type: 40 (AlternRock)
>>>                  TDRL Release Date: 2003
>>>                     TFLT File Type: MPG/3
>>>                         TIT1 Genre: Electronica
>>>                          TIT2 Song: My Melody
>>>                     TLEN Length MS: 339853
>>>                  TSIZ Length Bytes: 7507246
>>>                TOFN Canonical File: 03 - Eric B. & Rakim - My Melody.mp3
>>>                TPE1 Performer Name: Eric B. & Rakim
>>>          TSOP Performer sort order: eric b. & rakim
>>>             TPE2 Album Artist Name: Tricky
>>>       TSO2 Album artist sort order: tricky
>>>                   TPOS Part of Set: 1/1
>>>                     TPUB Publisher: Back to Mine
>>>                   TRCK Song Number: 3/16
>>>       TCMP iTunes Compilation flag: 1
>>>                  TDTG Tagging Time: 2008-04-08T20:37:44
>>>                  TXXX Tag Revision: 1
>>> For the album: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:3cfrxqyaldte
>>> I write the last two frames so that I can decide if I need to refresh
>>> a tag later if my source data changes or if I update my tagging
>>> standard.
>>> I know that TSIZ is not part of 2.4, but I had the data around and it
>>> is a pain to compute.
>>> 	  	  	   -ben
>>> On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 11:28:48AM +0200, Daniel Önnerby wrote:
>>>> that's what I was afraid of :(
>>>> Although, AC/DC seem to be the only artist with this problem, so it's not 
>>>> much of a deal.  I think our benefits of splitting the artists by the "/" 
>>>> separator is greater since many people seem to have tagged the artists 
>>>> this way, so they will have to deal with the fact that there will be both 
>>>> AC and DC artists (or we make this a special case) :)
>>>> Writing our tags will not be a problem since we will write 2.4 tags.
>>>> It's strange that there aren't more taggers/players that support multiple 
>>>> artists and genres. There are several songs out there with guest artists 
>>>> that you would like to find when listing the artists.
>>>> Thank you for your reply!
>>>> Best regards
>>>> Daniel
>>>> Ben Bennett wrote:
>>>>> Nasty question.
>>>>> 2.4 defines a sane way to do multiple artists so if you are writing a
>>>>> 2.4 tag then there is no problem.
>>>>> Unfortunately in 2.3 I don't see any good way to escape it.  So you're
>>>>> gonna have to map it to something else (perhaps -?, e.g. AC-DC).
>>>>> However, I haven't seen much that actually undestands multiple artists
>>>>> (or multiple anything).
>>>>> The 800lb gorilla (iTunes) doesn't do anything for lists.  It treats
>>>>> any /s as part of the string and does no futher parsing.  I'm not sure
>>>>> what it does when it encounters a 2.4 list.
>>>>> 			-ben
>>>>> On Sun, Apr 06, 2008 at 09:40:25PM +0200, Daniel Önnerby wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all!
>>>>>> I just subscribed to this list because we're developing musikCube2 
>>>>>> where we will support multiple genres and multiple artists.
>>>>>> We have run into a small problem regarding the "/" separated tags like 
>>>>>> TPE1 (artists) and is wondering how to escape this character.
>>>>>> The group we are having some problems with is "AC/DC" that will split 
>>>>>> into 2 artists.
>>>>>> So, the question is simple: How do you escape the "/" separator 
>>>>>> according to the id3v2.x standard?
>>>>>> Best regards
>>>>>> Daniel
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