[ID3 Dev] Re: popularimeter tag

Brendan Kehoe brendanfromireland at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 23:25:40 PST 2008

Wyatt I want a manual rating stored in the files. Sorry I didnt reply until 
now. I didnt get any notification of responses. I just happened to go back to 
this newsgroup.

I am using mediamonkey and mp3tag at the moment. mediamonkey is not working on 
my home computer but i use it in college. I havnt found any application, tag 
editor or otherwise, other than mp3tag that can read or edit mediamonkeys 
ratings. They do not seem to use the popularimeter tag properly because easytag 
and kid3 seem to support popm popularimeter tag but cant read the mm rating.

I searched "support for popm" and have searched a lot on this before with no 

I tried using windows media player to store the ratings but they werent saved 
when i used wmp on another computer. I havnt looked extensively in wmp settings 
but i doubt wmp uses the tag properly if mm doesnt. Maybe I should have a look. 
I just thought there might be some good open source player for linux that could 
use the popularimeter tag and would not stop working like mediamonkey has for 
me at home. Does anybody know software that uses popm properly?

Also I will check this newsgroup soon to reply faster than before.

Thanks very much

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