[ID3 Dev] Solutions to apps not using ISO8859-1 for the default encoding

Paul Taylor paul_t100 at fastmail.fm
Tue Jan 8 12:57:10 PST 2008

Ive had a number of queries recently of people complaining that their 
non-english tags arent being displayed properly ( 
see:https://jaudiotagger.dev.java.net/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=179), it 
turns out it is because they are using their defalt operating ystem 
encoding rather than ISO8859-1 when the mp3 was created, for example 
using Windows-1252cp which is different for cyrillic scripts than 
ISO8859-1. Can I check that ID3v1 must use ISO8859-1 or is it valid to 
use a different encoding, and could we add encoders that dont use the 
supported encoding to the non-compliance list.

thanks Paul

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