[ID3 Dev] Frames with different encodings

Dudy Kohen kohen.d at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 07:04:35 PDT 2009

In the standard I've seen this:

Frames that allow different types of text encoding contains a text
   encoding description byte. Possible encodings:

     $00   ISO-8859-1 [ISO-8859-1]. Terminated with $00.
     $01   UTF-16 [UTF-16] encoded Unicode [UNICODE] with BOM. All
           strings in the same frame SHALL have the same byteorder.
           Terminated with $00 00.
     $02   UTF-16BE [UTF-16] encoded Unicode [UNICODE] without BOM.
           Terminated with $00 00.
     $03   UTF-8 [UTF-8] encoded Unicode [UNICODE]. Terminated with $00.
And my question is: the "terminated with" refers to the text itself,
am I correct?
If this is the case, please add to the site that taglib and id3 don't
implement it correctly, because they don't add the null terminator...
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