[ID3 Dev] Need Information Regarding Indian Classical Music Tags

Binu Panicker panicker.binu at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 09:08:15 PST 2011


I'm new here and trying to get some infromation on:
a) How can the id3v2 tags support some of the requirements from the Indian
Classical Music?
b) Is there a process to add standard tags to the specs so that future
applications and hardware will be aware of these?

For e.g: Most listeners of Indian Classsical Music love to search and
categorize the songs based on two baisc Tags:

In addition to singer and composer. I tried using Mp3Tag software to add
these extended TAGS to the songs. But these tags are never identified in
apps like ITuens or Windows Media Player or WinAmp.

Could someone share viewpoints to this observation?

Binu M Panicker
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