[ID3 Dev] Bulk ID3 (yet another tag editor)

Andrew Laughlin andrew.laughlin at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 13:04:38 PDT 2011

Hey everyone, I wasn't able to find a tag editor that does what I need, so I
wrote one.  As implied by the name, Bulk ID3 is designed to update a
collection of mp3 files in a single run.  The software is largely untested
-- save my own mp3 collection -- and the recent builds are alpha's.
 Consequently it should only be run against test mp3s.

Bulk ID3 is written for Linux/Posix systems and theoretically should work on
Macs as well.  If anyone could build and test it on a Mac, that would be
really helpful.  I'd appreciate any feedback.


Best Regards,
J. Andrew Laughlin
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