[ID3 Dev] foobar2000 ID3v2.3 compliance

Paul Taylor paul_t100 at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 29 09:28:52 PDT 2011

On 29/03/2011 16:20, Benjamin Cook wrote:
> I would really appreciate it if you would quit second-guessing me, 
> Paul. I have yet to tell you anything that was less than 100% accurate.
I have no desire to second guess you but your post didn't really give 
any information about what had changed, so what am I supposed to do ?

Ive been down this road before
and couldn't get a clear answer then either

> 1.1 brought a change where instead of using null, "/" was used. This 
> brought foobar2000 into total compliance with the spec.
> 1.1.6 beta 2 brought a change where instead of separating with "/", 
> values were separated by " / ", that is, a space on either side of the 
> slash is the separator. This is marginally less compliant, but still 
> sticks to the spec more than pretty much any other implementation I've 
> seen. This solves the AC/DC problem benski described.
> I do not care to debate the issue. I should hardly need to defend 
> increasing compliance with a specification! I just want to see that 
> "compliance issue" dropped, as it is no longer accurate, and hasn't 
> been for several versions.
> As it appears that the consensus is that the spec is deficient on this 
> matter, perhaps the "Compliance Issues" page itself should be removed 
> altogether, or some other page documenting implemented but varying 
> solutions to the spec's deficiencies should be created. foobar2000 is 
> a paragon of ID3v2 specification compliance, is one of very few 
> players supporting some of the more esoteric features of the spec, and 
> it is quite absurd how much resistance I'm encountering trying to get 
> a simple update to incorrect documentation.
You just need to explain yourself better, now that you have some 
modification will be made to the compliance issues page, A varying 
solutions page would be useful but I dont have permissions to create new 
pages that would have to be done by someone else


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