[ID3 Dev] Multiple Values proposal

Paul Taylor paul_t100 at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 6 14:11:07 PST 2012

On 06/03/2012 22:00, Ben Allison wrote:
> I know we had this conversation a little while ago, but here's another
> suggestion.  I'm not sure if we discussed this one or not.
> Vorbis comments (as well as APEv2 and FLAC which uses a very similar
> scheme) supports multiple values by having a key repeated more than once
> in the tag.
> Could we not do something similar with ID3v2?  If you want multiple
> artists, for example, just create multiple TPE1 frames.
> We could increment the versions to v2.31 and v2.41 to signify the change.
> The main questions are:
> 1) Would any major existing implementations completely fail or return a
> parsing error when encountering duplicate frames
> 2) Would any major existing implementations do anything strange, like use
> the last-encountered frame rather than the first-encountered frame, as the
> value.
> For a variety of reasons, this feels like a superior alternative to
> NULL-delimited strings.
Hi Ben

Can you spell out the reasons because to my mind the null terminated 
values method supported by ID3v24 works perfectly well, and certainly 
uses alot less space than having to create a whole new frame for each 
value. If you introduced this new method then there would be two ways of 
doing the same thing in ID3v24  which is not good, unless you remove 
support for null terminated values thus making 2.4.1 incompatible with 2.4.

I would much prefer to just officially support null terminated values in 

Paul, Jaikoz, JThink

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